Slo is a sound exploration space in Providence, RI focused on sound for documentary film, spatial field recording, education and sonic design for interactive spaces.
About Billy
Billy Wirasnik (he/him) is a sound designer, field recordist, filmmaker and the founder of Slo. His design can be heard in the Emmy award winning documentary LOVE BUGS (PBS/POV 2019), Lynne Seifert’s GENERATIONS (2020) which premiered at Berlinale, and the Peabody Award winning interactive documentary HOLLOW (2014). His field recordings can be heard extensively in the IDA award winning series MY LOVE (Netflix 2021) and in the upcoming Sundance premiere of Elaine McMillion Sheldon’s KING COAL (2023). He holds a B.S. in Music Technology from Northeastern University and is based in Providence, RI
Slo Roots
Born out of an admiration of contemporary slow movements (slow tv, slow tourism, slow cooking), field recording and filmmaking - I started Slo as a production company and micro think tank. I made a series of real-time films and installations that employed lush field recordings and stunning yet honest visuals to elevate the seemingly mundane - all aimed at creating a passive form of moving image meant to cooperate with viewers rather than consume attention and inhibit creativity. These films experimented with story and structure, were completely subjective to the viewer/listener and interactive within the spaces they screened. I found there was meaning, knowledge and perspective gained when experiencing these films with intention.

The binding ingredient for all these films was SOUND. Our ears guide each of the films forward leaving our eyes to remain with a project or a conversation and then eventually back to the film when sound dictates it. I found the lessons learned from the Slo experiment had informed my approach to sound designing film. I started making incredibly long field recordings, paid closer attention to subtle sound explorations in long shots, and started slowing down to take the time needed to make my sonic contribution to a film.

Legacy SLO projects can be seen and heard here. 
The Studio
Located in an old mill in the heart of Providence, RI hides a space made for sonic exploration

Remote tools for the post covid world. Distance shouldn’t get in the way.